Review Policy

Currently closed to new review requests until I have caught up with current ones!

Indie or Self Published books?
From August 2011 I can only accept 3-5 review copies from Indie/Self Published authors per month.
I'm sorry but lately I feel like I'm getting swamped down with review requests and I feel bad saying no to them! From now on I will open somewhere around 3-5 review spots at the start of every month specifically for indie/self published authors. I want to do my bit to help indie authors get their work recognised, and at the same time I have a lot of mainstream published books I have either bought or been sent from publishers to read as well!

Publishers or established authors?
If you are a publisher or author looking for reviews of your books, I am more than happy to read and review them! I will try to get on to reading and reviewing as soon as possible, but please be aware I work and do have other interests besides reading. This blog did start off as just a bit of fun, but over the last few months I've felt very bogged down with it all, I don't have time to read books that I've bought because all I am reading is review books. I can't give you a specific date for reviews, and I'm sorry about that but I will do my best to get your book read and reviewed as soon as possible!

Have I reviewed a book for you before?
If I have previously read and reviewed one of your books before then I am more than likely to accept a review request from you again, regardless if you are a self published or established author.
If your books are in a series and I have read the previous one then I will most definitely want to read the next book in the series!

So what about my reviews?
I post my reviews on this blog and on my Goodreads account, I also post reviews on Amazon UK. I do reserve the right to decline a review copy, sometimes the genre or story line might not appeal to me, or sometimes I may be too swamped with book reviews already. Sorry but If it is not in my typical genres then I don't think I will enjoy it, which may end up with a bad review for your book and I do not think this is fair on authors or publishers.

At the moment I am only reading YA Paranormal or Dystopian.

Please be aware that I will be honest with my reviews, and will not give books a 5 start rating just because I have been asked to, I don't think this is fair on my followers.
I have a Kindle but will only accept formatted Kindle e-books or .mobi files. Preferably either gifted from Amazon or with a Smashwords coupon. I have had problems with PDF's on my Kindle and can lo longer accept them, in some cases the text has been massive at the start of a sentence and tiny towards the end which makes it difficult to read.
I also accept as well good old fashioned paperbacks or hardbacks. I am also willing to hold give-aways, competitions, blog hops, blog tours and author interviews.

Please get in touch with me via email: if you are interested in talking to me about reviews, contests or interviews or anything else!
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