Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Blog!

So this has been along time coming, i've been thinking about starting a book blog for a while.
This will be my own little space to talk about books i've read, what i'm currently reading, what it's my TBR pile, pictures of recent book hauls, and of course most importantly reviews!

So I think it's only fair to start by showing the world my current bookcases, these pictures were taken a few weeks ago and I have added to the ever expanding book collection since then!

So this is my first bookcase, it's part of the Billy range from Ikea, and it was a limited edition William Shakespeare one, it's white and covered in black quotes from him. Only the first three shelves are used for books, the rest hold dvds, xbox games, my small animé collection and uni coursework.

The second bookcase is fairly new, and i built it all by myself! Again it is from the Billy range at Ikea, but it about half the size of my other one.

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  1. I need a bookshelf exactly the size of the one you made yourself. I can't do it. You'd think my husband, the general contractor, could...or would!!! lol I really WANT that bookshelf. In black!


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