Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Second Chance Summer Blog Tour

Second Chance Summer

Today I am really excited to be taking part in the blog tour for Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson!
You can check out my review for Second Chance Summer here.

I'm the second stop on the blog tour It's running all week, so make sure to check out the other blogs taking part in the tour for some really cool stuff and a giveaway!

I have a piece from Morgan Matson on her thoughts about writing about romance to share with you all!

matson_morgan_300.jpg One of my favorite parts of thinking about a new book is thinking about the romance aspect of it. How much it will figure into the story, who the boy will be, what the relationship will be like. Some readers have definitely wanted more romance in my books – especially in Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour. They wanted those two to get together sooner!

But one thing I really enjoy in writing romances is starting the two people far apart from each other (even if they’re, say, sitting next to each other in a car). I always have trouble believing in the insta-love relationship – where people fall for each other the second they see each other. I love writing the slow burn, where there are real obstacles to be overcome and where people get to know and appreciate things about the other person slowly. I just think it makes it more satisfying when they do finally get together! With Amy & Roger, it was fun to write two virtual strangers who become close by spending 24/7 together as they drive across America. I liked taking them from stranger to friends and then to have an attraction between them build until they finally kissed.

With Second Chance Summer, I was writing about Taylor and Henry. They had known each other when they were younger, and had been each other’s first relationship. Things didn’t go so well between them in the interim (five years pass) and so it was really fun to write two people who had a romantic history, who were not on good terms with each other…and then to slowly let them remember why they first liked each other, way back when. Because isn’t that something you always wonder about your first love? What would happen if I met them again, years later… Or maybe that’s just me!

I know what you mean Morgan, sometimes I find myself wondering and doing that what if thing as well.
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today for this blog tour, and a massive thank you to Simon and Schuster for sending me a review copy of Second Chance Summer, and for putting this blog tour together!

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