Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: Undercurrent (Siren #2) - Tricia Rayburn

Undercurrent (Siren #2)

3/5 Stars

Undercurrent is the second book is the Siren series and picks up a few months after the events in the first book, Siren.
Vanessa and her family are safely back home and away from Winter Harbour. Paige having lost most of her family has moved in with them as well.

This time around the focus is on making sure Winter Harbour stays frozen so that the sirens don't re-appear.
Along the way there is a lot of boyfriend drama between Vanessa and Simon. She doesn't know if he really loves her any more or if it is only because of her Siren powers. Vanessa also discovers the truth about her family, her past and the secrets behind why her birth mother has been kept from her for all these years.

To me the story did seem to drag on a bit and it was the same whining over and over again from Vanessa, all about if Simon loves her or not. However in between all these moments, the rest of the book was great! The plot was unbelievable and much better than the first book in my opinion.
I liked the new characters that were introduced, Tricia did a great job of tying them in with the storyline and allowing the reader to see enough of them to get to know them.

There was also a few humours moments in the book as well, especially when Vanessa had to meet with a male college scout and he practically offered both Vanessa and Paige a full free ride, solely because of her siren abilities.
I enjoyed seeing a different side to Paige in this book as well, she does come across as a strong and likeable character.

Even though there was too much boyfriend drama for me in this book I did enjoy it and am looking forward to reading more about Vanessa in the future.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I love the cover of this book, but it doesn't exactly strike my fancy. Great review, though. :)



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