Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Wildcat Fireflies (Fenestra #2) - Amber Kizer

Wildcat Fireflies (Fenestra, #2)

4/5 Stars

I loved Meridian so much when I listened to it on audio that I had to pick up Widlcat Fireflies almost right away.
I listened to this one on audio as I did with Meridian.

The story picks up right where we left off at the end of Meridian, in search of other Fenestra's that the Nocti could be after. Finally Meridian and Tens run into Juliet, an orphan who lives in a dreadful Children's Home and spends her days cooking, cleaning and looking after the younger children. Juliet has no idea she is a Fenestra nor does she know anything about her past before she came to the home.

The race is on for Meridian and Tens to get Juliet to trust them before the Nocti find her and claim her as one of their own.

I love love loved this book, I honestly could not tear myself away from my Ipod! To me this book did seem a lot longer than the first one, which I'm really happy about. There was much more to the story in this one and much more action going on.

The book is also told from both Meridian and Juliet's point of view. I liked the switching between the two girls, it showed how alike they both are but at the same time just how different they are as well.

Wildcat Fireflies delves a bit more into the history of Fenestras and Nocti, which was great to learn about. There was also a lot of new characters introduced on both sides. A few I loved from the moment I met them, and a few others kept me guessing right till the very end of the book.

The ending was spectacular, and I honestly don't think Amber Kizer could have wrote it any other way, I am looking forward to finding out more about this group in the future now!


  1. Oh I've never heard of this series before but I'm liking the sounds of it!! Especiallu the dual POVS.

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Never heard of this series, either! But the cover is just so pretty! I think it would awesome to listen to this story, too!

    Nice short review! Thanks, I'll add this on my TBR list:)


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