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Interview With River and Flynn from Sophie McKenzie's Falling Fast

I am so excited to be taking part in the Falling Fast Blog Tour, I want to say a big thank you to Simon and Schuster publishers and Sophie McKenzie for making this blog tour happen!

I have already read and reviewed Falling Fast. It was my first Sophie McKenzie book and I really enjoyed it, you can check out my review to Falling Fast here.

For this stop on the blog tour I was lucky enough to have a special interview with River and Flynn, the two main characters in Falling Fast. To make things easier, River's responses are in red and Flynn's in green.

Hi River and Flynn, I’m super excited to have you stop by BelleBooks today!

River: Was it strange going to the boy’s school to audition for the play?

Yeah, it was weird to be there. The boys made it weird. I don’t know why – perhaps because it’s a male-only school, maybe they’re just not used to having the opposite sex around but they stared at us like they’d never seen girls before. That is, they were staring at Emmi. I’m not sure any of them really noticed me.

Flynn: What was it like to have girls come in to your school to play parts in Romeo and Juliet?

It was okay. Not that big a deal. I mean, think about it. What else were they going to do? And yes, I know in Shakespeare’s day boys often took girls parts but if Mr Nichols even dared suggest I might play Romeo with a boy as Juliet I’d punch him, I don’t care if he is a teacher. Some of the guys were really uncool about it. Like they’d never seen a girl before. I like being around girls, sure, but to be honest most of them aren’t worth the trouble of noticing them.

River: What did you think of Flynn when you first saw him?

I dunno, there was definitely something about him. Or maybe lots of contrasting things: Like I noticed his clothes were a bit worn out, but he also had an aloof manner like maybe he was a bit arrogant. And he behaved like he couldn’t really be bothered with the auditions, but then when he acted he just sounding AMAZING as Romeo. And the way he looked, not obviously good-looking but really comfortable in his skin and with these amazing greeny-gold eyes that were so intense when he looked at me I couldn’t look away.

Flynn: What did you think of River when you first saw her?

I thought she was fit. And a bit goofy. She kept losing her place when she was saying her lines, and at one point she said them really quiet then suddenly really loud. Weird. But a good actor. And, like I said, fit.

Flynn: What is your favourite thing about River?

I can’t pick one thing. I like everything about River, from the way she looks to the way she tries to help people to the way she makes me feel good about myself. 

River: What is your favourite thing about Flynn?

His kiss.

Flynn: What is your least favourite thing about River?

Sometimes she wants to talk about stuff that I don’t want to talk about.

River: What is your least favourite thing about Flynn?

His short temper. He gets really angry about things and often I don’t properly understand why. I don’t like it.

River: What are your hopes for the future with Flynn?

I really want to be with him forever, but he’s got to open up more and lose his temper less or I can see us not making it.

Flynn: What are your hopes for the future with River?

That’s private!

Thanks for stopping by BelleBooks today River and Flynn!

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