Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: Dragon's Oath - P.C. Cast

Dragon's Oath (House of Night)Name: Dragon's Oath
Author: P.C. and Kristin Cast
Release Date:  12th July 2011
Date I finished it: 26th Feburary 2012
Source: Bought from Amazon

This is the first in the short novella spin-offs from the House of Night series.
I am a big fan of the House of Night books, but recently have been straying from the series a bit. I bought Dragon's Oath as soon as it was released, but have only now got around to reading it.

I'll admit I wasn't expecting too much from this novella, it is short and Dragon is not one of my favourite characters in the series. He is alright, but someone I could probably do without learning more about.
But since I have the whole series so far, I wanted to collect these novellas to go with them.

I gave Dragon's Oath three stars, for me it wasn't really gripping enough. Even though it is super short and something that can probably be read in a couple of hours, it took me two days to finish! Because I just couldn't get into it, it seemed very different from the House of Night series which I've grown so used to now.

It is set when Dragon is first marked as a fledgling and taken to the House of Night to begin his training. We do see a glimpse of Anastasia in this novella as well which I really liked. It was nice getting to see Dragon's past as it explains a lot about the way he acts nowadays in the House of Night series. However like I already said it just wan't gripping enough for me.

Overall a nice little story, probably a must have for fans of the original series but don't expect much from it!

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