Saturday, September 3, 2011

Review: Ash - Malinda Lo

Name: Ash

Author: Malinda Lo

General Release Date: 4th March 2010

Date I finished it: 29th August 2011

Type: Paperback

From: Amazon

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Ash is a retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale with a bit of a twist.

I think Ash is one of those books that you will either love of hate, personally I loved it!
There is the eerie feeling you get when reading it that you knows what is going to happen - I mean come in it's Cinderella, everyone knows that story right?

Wrong! While the book is a retelling of Cinderella and has the same basic plot to it there are a lot of differences. Malinda Lo has used the story of Cinderella as her background story but the real story starts the minute we are introduced to our leading lady Ash.

Ash has grown up listening to fairy tales and she isn't entirely sure if she believes fairies are real or not. Until one night she meets one in the woods. After that she keeps seeking out the fairies and eventually is claimed as one of their own. In the meantime however Ash also meets the King's Huntress who teaches her how to ride a horse and invites Ash to join in with the royal hunt.
Ash is conflicted as she knows she is bound to her fairy, but is also falling in love with the King's Huntress. She needs to make a choice and face the consequences.

For me it took a while to get into Ash, I don't really know why that is but after a few chapters I was hooked!
I know there are a lot of mixed reviews on this book, but like I said I think it's one your either love or hate.
I loved the writing style in this book, it was beautiful and very descriptive, I almost felt like I had been sucked through the pages and was right in the book along with the characters.

I really loved reading about the Cinderella side of the book, even though the basic plot is one I know, I loved how there where little subtle differences in this book.
Overall I really enjoyed this book and now want to read Malinda Lo's Huntress next!


  1. Oh good, I'm glad you liked this one. I have Ash waiting to be read and can't wait to get to it. I haven't ready too many reviews on it so I didn't really know if it was a good book or not

  2. Glad you liked it to :) I got huntress a few weeks ago but I haven't gotten round to it yet lol

  3. I've wanted to read this but had seen a lot of mixed reviews on it! I like Malinda Lo and your review has me eager to read this one!

  4. I have to admit, I really didn't get along with this one.

    It annoyed me that it claimed to be a Cinderella retelling when it wasn't very similar at all. You call a couple of sisters and a fairy enough for a Cinderella story!

    Haha, sorry. I read it a full year ago and it still makes me rant! I'm glad you liked it though - a lot of people seem to love it :)

  5. I've heard great things about this book, glad you enjoyed it! I usually like retellings and I love the cover of this one! Great review :).


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