Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: The Rising Moon - Nilsa Rodriguez

Name: The Rising Moon

Author: Nilsa Rodriguez

General Release Date: 12th September 2011

Date I finished it: 12th September 2011

Type: E-Book

From: Review Copy from author

My Rating: 3/5 stars

Firstly a massive thank you to the author Nilsa Rodriguez for sending me a review copy of this book!

The Rising Moon follows teenager Lia as she unlocks her family history and secrets.
Lia has never really fitted in, her dreams about wolves she once has as a child are back, and they are hitting her hard this time around. Following the death of her aunt, Lia finally decides it's time to find out the truth about her dreams and what they really mean and also the truth and the mystery that surrounds her past.

The Rising Moon did have a really great plot line. I loved the whole concept of the two different types of wolves and also the fact there is a vampire and a witch in the book. Throw those three supernatural creatures together and you'll always have a great story!
What did let the book down was the characters. For me they weren't real enough.
Lia was a great main character, but I would have liked to have seen a little bit more emotion and depth to some of the other characters in the book, without that they seemed a little fake to me.

There was a few parts in the book that I feel could have been cut out and just seemed to make the story drag on.
I just wanted to get to the good parts and the action, there was some pretty big chunks in the book I didn't feel was necessary.

Overall it was a really great read and an exciting start to a new wolf series!

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