Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Guest Post from Courtney Cole

Happy Halloween everyone!
I hope everyone is having a great day and having lots of fun celebrating Halloween in their own way.
My plans for the day are to catch up with my reading, have a nice long hot bath with the Lush Halloween/Day of the Dead products and then scare myself silly with some Japanese horror films!
I love everything Japanese, and the great thing about Japanese horror films is that no matter how much you want to to turn away from the screen, you can't because you need to keep reading the subtitles!

As a Halloween treat for all my lovely followers, I asked one of my favourite authors, Courtney Cole to do a guest post about Halloween. Although once again Courtney has went completely above board and not only given you a guest post to read but also a letter from Cadmus to Harmonia.

Cadmus and Harmonia are the main characters in Courtney's Bloodstone Saga, if you haven't read the series you should really check it out! I loved every single book, you can read my reviews of them under the review catalogue tab.

So Without futher ado, it's over to you Court...

Ahhhhh. Is there anything better than raging bonfires with crackling, Autumn leaves drifting from the trees above and the smell of roasted marshmallows in the air… all while bundled into a toasty cashmere sweater? I thought not. And that’s not even taking into consideration those yummy, beautiful little foil-wrapped packages of fun-sized deliciousness (Otherwise known as Halloween candy). Halloween is by far the best time of the year, in my opinion.

 There’s something about the magic of it… the air just feels different as Halloween night approaches, chilly and crisp and fun. I love the lit jack-o-lanterns, the costumes, the full moons, the scary movie marathons and the witches. Part of that might be because I’m a paranormal writer—we tend to love the magical side to life the imaginary possibilities that we conjure up when we stare into the night.

And I’ll just admit it- I’ve got a huge imagination. I’ve been under the impression that my house is haunted for  quite a while now- but my husband thinks that I’ve just got an over-active imagination. *shrugs* It’s possible, I’ll admit. I might just wish that my house was haunted. Because honestly, what better fodder for a book than if my house was actually, truly, scarily haunted??

But I digress.  
I’m actually here to share a letter that I thought you might want to see. If you follow my Bloodstone Saga, then you are familiar with Harmonia and Cadmus. They are two of the most romantic people that I’ve ever had the good fortune to know. Cadmus might not sparkle, but he has been Harmonia’s soul mate for several millennia—fighting for her time and time again with a true warrior’s heart. And honestly, there is nothing sexier than that. So when I saw this letter, I just knew I had to share it with Bloodstone Saga fans. Cadmus does offer Harmonia a warning… a warning that everyone could benefit from during this time of year. You can never be too careful. I wish you all a spooktacular Halloween filled with magic and full moons and chocolate. I hope you enjoy Cadmus’ letter. Trick or treat!!

My Dearest Harmonia,

My love, you have only been away for a few days, but already
I miss you. I am happy that you travelled to the Spiritlands to assist Hecate with a Seeking spell, because we owe Empusa much. I want to find her as much as anyone. But I do miss your smile, your sweet scent and your laugh. Waking up to your smile for eternity is the best kind of bliss and I am a very blessed man.

Raquel is well. She misses her mama, but she knows you will return soon. She wants you to give Aphrodite and Ares her love. She specified that you should give them each 100 kisses, but I would guess that one or two would suffice. Your sister follows her around everywhere she goes- Ortrera is quite protective, but I suppose that is her nature.

Sweet, I do want you to be careful as you return home. Youmknow that All Hallow’s Eve approaches, which means that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. The dead are not always pleasant, so you must use caution. With Mormo still free, you must be on your guard- particularly since you are trying to help Hecate find Empusa. It is hard to say what lengths he will go to stop you. And he is not the only unhappy spirit that will be about on Halloween. Please be careful. If you need me, you need only say the word and I will be there in a scant moment.

Come home to us soon, my love. This palace is empty without you in it. Until I see you again, I will dream of your beautiful face.

Hurry home.
All my love,

All I can say is wow!
After finishing the series not too long ago, it's great to hear from some of my favourite characters again!
Thanks so much for doing this special Halloween guest post today Courtney, I hope you and your family have a great Halloween.
And to all my followers - have a great time no matter what your doing, but stay safe :)
Leave me a comment to let me know what your plans for Halloween are!


  1. Thanks, Em! Happy Halloween to you, too!!

  2. Great post! Happy Halloween!



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