Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Legacy - Molly Cochran

Name: Legacy

Author: Molly Cochran

General Release Date: 20th December 2011

Date I finished it: 24th October 2011

Type: E-Book

From: S&S Galley Grab

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Firstly, massive thank you to the S&S Galley Grab for drawing my attention to this book. I had never heard about Legacy before, after reading the blurb I decided to go ahead and download the ARC. I ended up reading this book in one day.

Legacy has been getting some mixed reviews from what I've seen so far, but honestly I really enjoyed this book.
The story itself follows 16 year old Katy whose father and step-mother ship her off to an exclusive boarding school in Massachusetts. While Katy first gets there however she realises people in the town seem to hate her for some reason, as if being shipped off to the middle of no where wasn't bad enough, she has no one to turn to either.

Katy soon discovers that the town is full old witching families and her mother went to the same school she is now attending and lived in this small town before she passed away.
She discovers family she never knew she had, falls head over heels for classmate Peter and discovers some powers of her own, all while trying to decode one town secret after another.

To me Legacy was a really great and enjoyable read. I'm glad to have discovered it as I hadn't really heard anything about it in the book blogger world. The writing style in the book isn't as great as some of my other recent reads, but this is no way makes it a bad book or difficult to read. To me it just seemed a bit choppy in places, which is probably more down to the fact that I was reading an ARC and editing changes rather than Molly Cochran's actual writing style. I'm sure the final book is released it will have been fixed up a bit more.

The character of Katy is good as a main character, she is believable, likeable, and readers can can easy get wrapped up in her story. As most of you will know, I'm a sucker for any YA that involves some type of boarding school, so to me the setting of a school in a mysterious little town in Massachusetts really drew me in right away. I would however have liked to have seem more of the school life and academic side to the story. Especially for a YA novel, I think setting a book in any kind of school requires the author to get the point across to readers that education is important, which I didn't see this time around. That is really the only reason this book got 4 and not 5 stars from me.

The plot itself is a bit predictable at some points, and at others it was full of twists and turns. I like the mix of being able to guess what was happening and having the unexpected pop up on the next page. Like most YA books there is a love story tangled up throughout this book as well. To me this love story seemed believable and wasn't over the top like love stories can be in some YA paranormal books. It was sweet and didn't happen too fast for me.

I really enjoyed the ending of this book, the last few chapters where like a whirlwind of emotions which really swept me away into this witchy world.

Overall I thought it was a really great read and I hope Molly writes some more about Katy in the future.


  1. Soooo jealous. I want this book so badly :( Great review!

  2. OH this sounds like a good one. It's the first review I see of it but I had seen the book on S&S'S Galleys. Excellent review!

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