Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Hunting Lila (Lila #1) - Sarah Alderson

Hunting Lila (Lila, #1)

Name: Hunting Lila
 Author: Sarah Alderson
Release Date: 5th Aug 2011
Date I finished it: 25th May 2012
Source: Paperback gifted from a friend

Hunting Lila has been on my bookshelf for months now, it's one of those ones that I know I had to read soon, but just never quite got around to it! 
It is Sarah Alderson's debut novel following the story of seventeen year old Lila who when we first meet is her is running away to America to stay with her brother.

Things are getting to much for her at home with her very absent father, Lila has also been hiding a secret power, she can move things with her mind. She hasn't told anyone about her power yet, and is trying her best not to use her power at all.

While staying with her brother she also gets to spend time with his best friend Alex, who Lila has been in love with for years. The two soon start to grow closer throughout the course of the book.
Something isn't quite right though Lila's brother and Alex are working on something top secret, they hiding the truth from Lila and taking incredible measures to keep her safe while she is staying, but safe from what exactly?

I really loved this book, there are some major plot twists which came out of nowhere and really took me by surprise!
I liked Lila as the narrator for the story, she is a really likeable character and I fell for her charm from page one. 

The plot is fast paced and action pact from the word go, it is easy to fall into Lila's world and forget the real world around you. I did and ended up sunburnt because of it, oops!
Alex is completely swoon-worthy! No wonder Lila has a major crush on him, he is fast becoming one of my favourite book boys!

Overall, I really loved this book!
It was much more than I originally imagined it would be, it has everything a good book should have, suspense, action, romance and twists! I cannot wait to get my hands on Losing Lila, I need it now please!


  1. Great review! I can't wait to read this book.

  2. I had this book in my hands the other day and decided to put it back on the shelf in the book store. But now after reading your review I wish I had bought it! Will have to go back and get it =). Thanks for the awesome review.

  3. Fab review. I still haven't read this. Heard a lot of good things though.

  4. I had this book seen in the book store, but decided to buy another one. I have put in on my wishlist now :)


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