Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review: Enticed (Witches of Santa Anna #6) - Lauren Banrholdt


This is the 6th instalment of the Witches of Santa Anna series by Lauren Barnholdt, and I have to say by now I am starting to get a little annoyed. I have read and enjoyed the whole series so far, but really how much money must this women be raking in?! By splitting the story into small sections, releasing them a bit at a time and charging £2 odds for each one?! I mean fair play to her, it is clearly a very clever marketing tool, which is I do seem to keep paying for the next instalment, and her other series as well! But as an avid reader or YA books I don't like feeling exploited. I will buy the 7th instalment when it is released, but if it is not the last, and the next one is the same price, I'm sorry but I will be staying clear of this author in the future.

Enough of the rant, and onto the review...

This story picks up right where the previous one left us, and finally some truth has come out! The big secret is out, although it may be too late to save a certain Cam from Raine's clutches! Once again the reader is left on a cliff-hanger ending, hungry for the next instalment of this series.

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