Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cover Reveal: Spring Frost (Frost Kisses #7) by Kailin Gow

I am super excited to be taking part in the big cover reveal for Spring Frost, the seventh book the the Frost series by Kailin Gow!

I really love this series! So far I have read up to book 5 and the two wolf fey novellas that tie in with the series. Sadly I haven't had much time for reading lately, but hopefully I'll manage to read book 6 soon so that I'm all det up for Spring Frost when it comes out April 9th!

So without anymore of my rambling here it is:

Isn't is pretty? I think it's the prettiest cover out of all the Frost series so far! I really love the name as well, Spring is my favourite season and I cannot wait to find out what is going to happen in this one!

A massive thank you has to go to Kailin Gow for letting me take part in this cover reveal today, thanks Kailin! You rock!


  1. Oh I definitely enjoy the colors that explode from this and the gorgeous pose. Thank you for sharing!

  2. So pretty! All of the books in this series really draw you in!!


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