Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review: Falling Fast - Sophie McKenzie

Falling Fast

4/5 Stars

Believe it or not Falling Fast is actually the first book I've read by Sophie McKenzie!
And for a British, YA book blogger thats strange to say, I've seen her books almost everywhere, but for some reason just haven't ever read any of them!

I wasn't entirely sure what to think when a review copy of Falling Fast showed up at my door, I am very picky when it comes to YA contemporary books, and it's not my usual go to genre. But I thought I would give it a go anyway.

Falling Fast is a pretty short and light read, it isn't a book thats going to change your world overnight but it is enjoyable and lets you escape reality for a while.
The story follows British teenagers River and Flynn as they meet and start dating while also playing parts in a school production of Romeo and Juliet. Although it isn't always as straight forward as that in River and Flynn's world.
Flynn doesn't seem to really open up and he keeps a lot of things bottled up, throughout the book River tries her best to get him to let her in to his world and open up about things a bit more.
River is devastated when she doesn't get the lead role as Juliet but she can't show it, her best friend got the part instead. Now she has to watch her best friend and her boyfriend kiss on stage!

River's two best friends are brilliant characters, they both bring their own bit of spice and drama to the story line, as well as being there to lighten the mood during some really dramatic scenes.
River seems very innocent and immature to me, there are times in the book where she says or does something and I just cringe! Then other times she will say something very mature and witty. I guess Sophie McKenzie is trying to portray River at that awkward in-between age, which comes across well.

This is a great little book which portrays the reality of British teenagers today. I really enjoyed it and I'm glad I decided to give it a go!

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  1. Thanks for the review! It sounds like a great book, and not one that I've read. Hopefully (maybe) I can find a copy.



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