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Review: Frost Fire (Frost #6) - Kailin Gow

Frost Fire (Frost, #6)                 
Name: Frost Fire (Frost #6)
Author: Kailin Gow
Release Date: 12th Dec 2011
Date I finished it: 20th Feb 2012
From: Kindle edition from Amazon UK


Frost Fire is the 6th book in Kailin Gow's Frost series, although this time around things are a little different.
In this book the point of view switches from Breena's to Rose's.
Having read the first five books from Breena's point of view it felt a little strange for me for it to switch in the middle of the series. I can understand having a spin off book in another character's point of view, but not for the main books in the series.

So I was a little sceptical going into this one, but I love Kailin Gow's writing style and I love this series so I wasn't going to let the change in characters put me off. I am so glad I didn't!
I'll admit it took me a few chapters to get a feel for Rose as the main character but after that she really started to grow on me. When I got to the end of the book I'd completely fallen for her character! In the past few books Rose hasn't had any major roles until book 5 when she really started to show up a lot. So her charcter has been slowly growing on me over the past two books really.

As for the plot in this book. I honestly had no idea where Kailin was going to take it, I really thought that pretty much everything was wrapped up in book 5 so I had no idea what to expect.
Once again Kailin manages to whip up an amazing story for our favourite characters with dangers and excitement around every corner!

Although the book is exciting and fast paced it does seem a bit shorter than the previous five books, I'm not sure if maybe that was just me whizzing through the book or not because I'm getting so used to the writing style in these books. 
After saying there is a lot of excitementbelieve me there really is. Not a lot actually happens plot wise in this book, it feels as though everything is being put into place for something big in the next book Spring Frost. Which I am so looking forward to being released this year!

Overall I really enjoyed seeing things from a different point of view, even though at first I wasn't too sure about it. Rose is a complex yet loveable character and I really hope everything falls into place for her in the next book.
One last thing to say on this series - I am finally all caught up with it! yay! I'm looking forward to taking a little break from these characters until Spring Frost is released in April!

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