Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: The Messenger (The Giver #3) - Lois Lowry


This is the second book in the companion series to The Giver by Louis Lowry.

This book picks up a few years after Gathering Blue, and this time instead of Kira being the main character, it is Matty's story we are told instead.

Matty is now safe in Village, and living with the Seer. He has a happy life, he has his friends, school and is hoping to be named as Messenger when he is old enough, as he visits nearby villages delivering messages.
The forest has always been his friend, and allowed him to travel through its paths time after time, but Matty's world is turned upside down when one day the forest starts to change. People are brought back dead from the forest and Matty knows the time has come to make his last journey through the village, to bring his old friend Kira back to Village.

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