Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce


This book had a bit of a slow start for me.

Sisters bitching and moaning about each other, then regretting it and making up again. Typical teenage sibling stuff really, but when that is mixed with the wolf hunting, add in a bit of romance on the side and you get a great book!

I really liked this book, I loved the mix of the old German myths with the modern day world and how realistic this book actually was. Two teenage girls living alone and coping fine without jobs is something that strikes me as very odd. But when we see how bad they really are struggling, and the sisters have to sell their Grandmothers old things just to get by it really makes you stop and think if you could have coped in that kind of situation. I know I couldn't have!

I really liked the different take this book had on werewolves, especially since they can't turn just anyone it has to be a potential. I liked learning about the different wolf pacts, and a especially liked reading about the sisters killing them!

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