Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fiction Express

Hi everyone, today I am here to talk about a website that I have been loving recently, and if you haven't guess already...yup it is Fiction Express!

So what is this Fiction Express then?
Well it looks a bit like this...

It's an online e-book store with a twist.
Readers can vote for what they want to happen in the next chapter of the book!
How cool is that?!

I recently won a contest over at Chicklish for 10 free credits for the site and have been reading one of their books ever since.

At the moment they have 4 books on the site which I think caters to a wide variety of taste.
Here is a little peek at their current books:

I am currently reading The Last Symbol, and loving it! I think it is just such a cool idea and really look forward to voting and waiting to see what will happen in the new chapter every week!

The first chapter of every book is FREE, so you can read them and see what you think before signing up for any credits.
And if your still not sure, here is a code that has been floating about on Facebook for 5 free credits. I used it as well :)



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