Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Read-a-Thon Report #7

Seventh update on my Summer Read-a-Thon!
Total Books Read: 2
Total Pages Read: 598
Books Read Since Last Update: 0
Pages Read Since Last Update: 15 (I know, I'm terrible)
Total Time Read: 10.5 hours
How I'm currently feeling: Have been distracted by my Xbox this afternoon. Turning it off now though!

Mini Challenge:

Name one book you think should be taught in school, grade of your choice

I think Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone should be taught in primary 5 or 6. Although I don't remember being "taught" any books in primary school. We usually just had them read to us by our teacher. It wasn't until secondary school we actually had to read and write about books.
Not entirely sure what grade that would be in American terms, I don't really understand the American school system sorry!

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