Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: The Truth about Forever - Sarah Dessen


This was my first venture into a Sarah Dessen book, and I am so glad I finally picked one up!
I can see what people have been raving about!

The Truth about Forever follows the story of 16 year old Macy who has recently lost her father. Her boyfriend is away to camp for the summer and Macy has agreed to take his position working at the library while he is gone. Macy also ends up taking on a second job as well, where she makes friends with her co-workers and throughout all the chaos that goes hand in hand with any kitchen/catering work she also manages to find herself.

I really loved this book, I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.
It is a real story of how different family members struggle with the loss of a loved one and the different ways that grief manifests itself.
I enjoyed the story of Macy, especially when she met new friends and tried new things. Opening herself up to new experiences, to me it's what every teenager should be doing! But having been stuck in a bit of a routine it is hard for Macy to shake that off.

I also really enjoyed the romance element of this book, it was a bit forbidden as both Macy and Wes have their own respective partners who are away for the summer. In a way they both know nothing can happen, but grow more and more close as the book unfolds.

I especially enjoyed the mother daughter relationship in the book, as a reader you can see when and why their relationship broke down. I was almost yelling at the book and wanting to reach in and bang both their heads together at some points!

Overall a really great book and I am looking forward to reading more books by Sarah Dessen!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it!

    This is my favourite of Sarah Dessen's. Other good ones are Just Listen, Along for the Ride and This Lullaby :)


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