Friday, June 10, 2011

Review Embers (Playing With Fire #1) - Lauren Barnholdt


Another short novella series by Lauren Barnholt!
I swear I am getting more and more addicted to all these short novellas by the day!

This first instalment follows Emily and her parents as they settle in to a rented house at the coast for the summer. Emily ends up getting invited to a party full of local teenagers by Lucas, whose father owns the house Emily's family are renting for the summer.

Things start to feel strange as soon as she is told not to use her debit card, and is given cash instead from her mum. Then there is an incident in the drug store where Emily ends up being part of an investigation into a so called insurance fraud.

Things so from strange to bad after she arrives at the party, and Emily just wants to be back home with her boyfriend.

I really loved this book, I can tell right away there is going to be A LOT of mystery involved in this series!

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