Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Grass - Cathy Macphail


This book follows the story of Leo who has a pretty ordinary life.
He lives at home with his parents and 5 year old brother, goes to school. and has a best friend who he likes to explore abandoned buildings with.
One day Leo witnesses a violent murder and his life is turned completely upside down.
Before he knows it he is working for one of the local gang leaders and going against everything he has ever been told about what is right and what is wrong.

I really loved this book, it is set in and around the Glasgow area so I found it pretty easy to imagine the scenery around Leo. Some of the language used in the book is also local slang, which made it that much more interesting to me as I have never read that in a book before!

The story itself is easy to follow and the reader can see how easy it actually is for a young boy to wind up in Leo's position, being sucked into the gang world!

I really loved the ending of this book, it was very cleverly thought out and I did not see that coming at all! I would recommend this book to everyone as it has a really good point to the story, and isn't too long to read. It can be read in one sitting.

I've even got my little brother reading this book at the moment, and her loves it! Even though he has never really been interested in reading before! I think it is because it's set here where we live and Leo is around the same age as my brother, it is something that could easily happen to him!
If your looking for a book for a boy to read, I would recommend this one!

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  1. I think, the book is very gripping, because there are some things, which you don't expect. Cathy Macphail writes about Leo's inner struggles very well and she also describes the different situations in the book brilliantly.
    I really like the book and when you are a fan of crimes and hard life, you should read this book.

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