Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Fighting Back - Cathy MacPhail


This book follows Kerry as she moves from her family home into high rise flats with her mother after her parent's relationship ended.
No matter what Kerry and her mother do, nothing seems to be right for them. They get on the wrong side of the Lafferty's from day one, the family who pretty much run the area, everyone is afraid of the Lafferty's. After going through so much already with the breakdown of her marriage, Kerry's mother is not going to take any more, she stands up for herself and her daughter and doesn't back down or give in to the threats.
Which seems to be just what this neighbourhood needs!

We aren't told much about Kerry's life before she moved to the flat which I would have liked to see in order to compare the two different living arrangements. The message in the story is very good, and comes across in a not too in your face kind of way, which I really enjoyed.

I really loved the descriptive way in which this story was told, I grew up in a high rise flat and found this book bringing back all my old memories of living there.
I also found the book really easy to read and managed to get through it in one sitting!

Overall a great book with a brilliant message to share!

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