Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review: Storm Born Comic #2 - Richelle Mead

First of all another massive thank you to the lovely people at Sea Lion Books for giving me a review copy of this issue to review, I get so excited when I see there is an email waiting for me with a new issue of this series!

Of course I had to start reading it straight away! As most people already know I am a massive Richelle Mead fan, I've read all her books that have been published so far and am anxiously awaiting the release of Succubus Revealed, Shadow Heir, Bloodlines and the Vampire Academy Graphic Novel!

Anyway enough of the fan girl gushing and onto the review...

This issue of the comic picks up right where the first one left us and I found it really easy to get back into the story line, even after reading 15 books in-between them! Usually with a series, if I don't read the next book straight away I can sometimes forget the plot or how the last book ended, but with this series after reading the first page I immediately remembered everything that happened in the first issue! I think this is down to the great art work in the comic, it is so vivid and life-like that the story sticks with you!

So once again the reader is thrown into the amazing world of Eugenie Markham which is full of demons and ghouls with a bit of an average human life on the sidelines. I felt that this issue let the reader see a bit more of Eugenie's character. Who she really is and what her life is really like.

Again this issue sticks to the original novel and includes all the key facts that readers who have not read the original Dark Swan novel needs to know.

Overall I really loved this issue and cannot wait for the third one to be released!

Also, my review for Storm Born Comic #1 has been printed in the second issue!
WOW!!! That is so amazing, I actually cannot believe that!
So another massive THANK YOU is in order to the people at Sea Lion Books for including my review!
Wanna see it? Of course you do

Can you spot my review?


  1. OMG that's awesome Em.
    Congrats on getting it in the issue ;)

  2. Wow - congratulations on your review being printed! Seriously, that's amazing! If I were you my cheeks would be numb from over-smiling!!!

    New follower here just hopping by to say hello! I'm also taking part in the UK and EU Summer Hop :)

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