Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Here Lies Bridget - Paige Harbison

Heres my review video:

Let me know what you think about doing video reviews?
I won't be doing them for every book I read, just now and again!


  1. I like the video reviews, they make me get the feeling of the book so much better! It's like chatting with friends about our fave reads!:)

    As for Here Lies Bridget, it sounds like a perfect summer read for me.:D
    Great review, Emma!

  2. You have a problem with 1st person? That's the first I've heard about. Normally people take issue with 3rd person and avoid them like the plague.

    Fantastic review, liking the vlog reviews (:

  3. Thanks Deea, I wanted to know what people thought about videos.
    I won't be doing videos for all my reviews, I'll mix them up with written reviews from now on!

    Kate: Yeah I can be picky sometimes, mostly it depends on the main character who tells the story, cause in alot of YA books they tend to be whine-y and feeling sorry for themselves which annoys me. If a book is in third person I feel like I'm seeing the story unfold around me. lol
    I've just always prefered 3rd person books.


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