Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pick My Next Book #1

I decided to try something new today!I want you to pick my next book to read, since I apparently cannot choose by myself!

So here are the three books you can choose from:

Just fill out the form below before Monday 9th May, the winning book will be announced here on Monday the 9th and I will make sure to read it next week!


  1. Had to be Fallen Em, I can't believe you haven't read it yet! Lol Donna x

  2. Donna, my tbr pile is massive!
    I can never decide what to read next, then end up picking up something completely different so I don't have to choose. This way I don't have to choose!

  3. Lol, Well I voted you to read Fallen. Its a must! You get to meet Daniel ;) lol

  4. I like this idea I may do this next time Im struggling to pick

  5. It's good isn't it. I'm thinking of making it a weekly or 2 weekly thing :)


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