Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review: Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) - Suzanne Collins


This is the second book the in the Hunger Games trilogy, and to me it did feel like a "middle" book if you know what I mean.

Yes there was a lot of new information given in this book, and it also tied up a lot of loose ends from the first one. To me it just had that feel that nothing is going to be completely finished in this book, which I either hate or love. Luckily I had the third book ready to start right away, so I loved this one with it's cliffhanger ending. Be warned though you will want to start the third book after reading the ending in this book, so make sure you have it to hand!

Once again we are thrown into Katniss Everdeen's world only this time everything has changed! After having publicly defied and humiliated the Capitol in the Hunger Games Katniss is now being seen as the poster girl for a possible uprising against the Capitol. She never planned for this, and she never asked for it either. Katniss does not know what to do, really she just wants to go back to her normal every day life.

But the Capitol have a new trick up their sleeve, another Hunger Games! Not just any old one, one involving only the previous winners! Katniss will have to go back into the arena and fight for life once again, but she also has a few tricks up her sleeve this time!

While this book is not as good as the first, it is still brilliant. The reader gets to see a bit more into the main characters and in my case falls in love with them!

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