Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Denial (The Witches of Santa Anna #8) - Lauren Barnholdt


This is the eighth book in the Witches of Santa Anna series, and Denial kicks of the start of the second season of the books.

First of all the second season?
Even I am starting to get a bit confused with all the book names by now. I'm assuming that by calling this the first book in the second season there is going to be at least another 6 books after this one?
I swear at this point Lauren Barnholdt must be raking in the cash!
Well good for her because even after all the previous times I've said I'm going to stop reading this series, her I am hooked once again and buying books 8 and 9 as soon as they are released on Amazon UK for Kindle.

So Denial picks up after the all the drama that we left behind at the school dance in book 7.
After spending the entire weekend at Cam's house Nat finally has to face to reality, thats right it's time for school!
Secretly she hopes she will never have to see Raine again, and Nat gets her wish when she still has not surfaced on Monday morning, maybe she's gone forever?

But there is a new addition to Santa Anna High School, Hadley a new transfer student from England. She seems nice enough and soon manages to get invited out on a double date with Cam, Nat and Aiden. Although as always with this book series, you can never take someone at face value and when a secret attacker who goes after Nat knows Hadley's name....thats right the book ends!

Although like all this others this was a really quick read, I really enjoyed it. After having quite a long break in between books 7 and 8 I thought I would have forgotten half the characters and what was happening, but after a few pages I was hooked right back into the story once again!
Needless to say I am off to read book 9, Suspicion to see what happens next!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I <3 your page, btw. I actually bought season one on my NookColor for $.99, and it was surprisingly good! I wondered if 8 had come out....:) Do you know if any more past #9 have come out yet?


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