Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Guardian - Elita Daniels


I was very lucky to receive a review copy of Guardian, a massive thank you to Elita Daniels for giving me that!

I gave this book three stars, not because I didn't enjoy reading it, but because I thought it was a bit too fast paced. Don't get me wrong, I like my books pretty fast paced because I usually get sucked into them and can't put them down! But this was a little too fast for my liking.
It also seemed a bit short for me as well, although this could just be because of the fast pacing, because of that to me it seemed like a really quick read.

I did however love the storyline in the book. The book centres around Anna, who is a carrier vampire (which means she can spread the vampire disease to others!), her struggles to figure out what she wants from life, and her romantic feelings towards two very different love interests.

I absolutely loved Anna and I really felt genuine emotions for her, she came across as lost and confused most of the time and I just wanted to grab her and hug her, and tell her that everything will be alright!

I liked reading about the science bits behind the carrier virus, and the experiments going on to try to harness vampire abilities without also causing the typical vampire traits. I would have liked to find out a bit more about that side of the story, as well a bit more background information about the virus itself, and vampires being out in the open!

Perhaps a short novella type prequel would cover all that information? Fingers Crossed! :)

Overall it was a really great read, full of action, suspense and a few steamy scenes thrown in!

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