Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review: The Fledgling Handbook - P.C Cast


Being a massive House of Night fan I had to pick this book up to add to my collection!

The book itself is very pretty, I love the fact that it is all colour inside and filled with pictures!
There is even space for you to write in your own pieces, as if you are attending a House of Night. I won't be writing in the book though, it's just too pretty to do that!

As for information, there isn't too much that readers won't already know from the original book series. It is nice to read it and imagine what it would have been like for Zoey to first see the "rule book" when she was marked and moved to the House of Night.

It is a book you could skip though, if you are a massive fan of the books I would say go ahead and buy it, it is a good reference book for the series and tells a bit more about the background.

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