Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Suspicion (Witches of Santa Anna #9) - Lauren Barnholdt


So this is the 9th book in the Witches of Santa Anna series.
The book picks up right where Denial left us, unsure about the new transfer girl Hadley.
When Cam goes by her house to "check things out" he encounters a very strange scene, which becomes even stranger when he notices Hadley through the window
wearing silver butterfly necklace!

Things are really hotting up in this book, and there is a lot of new information to take in.
Brody knows a lot more than he is letting on, and when he gives Nat this strange ipad looking contraption things get even more confusing. Not only that but it's now time to introduce Nat and Cam's mothers to each other.
With the stress of that over their heads, and the new girl, and wondering if Raine will be back any time soon is it any wonder that Nat and Cam are fighting?

I loved this book, I think it may in fact be my favourite out of the entire series so far!
Like all the rest, it is extremely short. At this point though, that doesn't bother me any more.
I will say however that I cannot believe it ended like that! I am desperate to read the next instalment now, anyone have a release date for the UK yet, lol!


  1. I don't even remember what book I got upto in this . Do you think they will release them all together at some point. I would def ive them another go then.

  2. I really hope there will be bind up of them, I would love to have that sitting on my bookcase!


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