Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Firebird - Susan Gates


I had never heard anything about this book before I picked it up from the library.

First off I would say this book is aimed more at younger readers, rather than the Young Adult market. Although this did not stop me enjoying the book.

It is classed as a Dystopian novel, I would not call it that! I have read and reviewed a number of Young Adult dystopian novels, and this is certainly not one of them.

The story centres around Firebird and her brother Ford (both named after bill board adverts that were displayed around the time of their births). They live in a swap on the edge of a large city, with their father and grandmother. The family rely on eel trapping for the family's income.

However one day when their father is sick Ford decides to go eel hunting himself, when he takes his catch to the smokery to be weighed and sold he discovers why his father never let him come here before, it is shut and has been for a while now. So just how on earth is his father making money to support his family?

I did enjoy this book, it was a nice, quick and easy read which I read in one sitting in the bath.

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