Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Entangled - Cat Clarke


I will admit, i picked up this book solely for the cover! When i did get around to reading it i did feel a little let down at first.
The story was jumping all over the place, nothing was really clear and nothing as being explained properly! Though i stuck with it hoping it would get better, and it did!

I soon got sucked into Grace's story, and found myself getting a little annoyed when we ended up back in that white room, i wanted to skip those parts and get back to what i saw as the main story!

I was a little let down by the ending to be honest, i feel that more could have been explained a bit better, but overall it was a good read and i enjoyed it.


  1. i reli hated this book. I didn't find it getting better at all and i reli got annoyed with it because i have to finish a book once i started it. I gave it 2 stars coz i thought it had the potential to be a good story but i hated the way in which it was wrote :(

    btw, i picked it up for the cover 2 coz its so pretty haha

  2. I didn't hate it, I just think it could have been wrote a bit better, and better explained.

    I know, I'm a sucker for a pretty cover!!

  3. lol me 2 i love the pretty covers but i did end up hating the book. i'm posting it to someone 2morrow hopefully they will enjoy it more than me


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