Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: Withering Tights - Louise Rennison


I went into the book expecting nothing but a quick light-hearted read, and thats exactly what I got.

This book centres around 14 year old Tallulah who is off to a performing arts college for the summer. Incidently Tallulah is Georgie's (from Rennison's previous book series) cousin and Gerogie is mentioned in this book, which I quite liked.

The book follows Tallulah's crazy antics, which includes imaginary motorcycle riding, dressing up as a horse, living in a squirrel room and ballet on a bicycle to name a few.

It also centres around Tallulah's new found love life and has lots of references to Wuthering Heights and the Bronte sisters.

Generally a really funny read, it had me laughing out loud at some places! I'm glad I picked this book up and gave it a shot!

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