Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Ritual and Legacy Bind Up (Vampire Beach #3&4) - Alex Duval


This is the second bind up in the Vampire Beach series, with books 3 and 4 in it.

I did not really enjoy the first two books in the series, but since I had bought the lot I went ahead and gave this one a shot.

I have to say these two books where miles better than the first two, much more character development and I even began to like Jason in these two books!

Again, it is pretty much a typical "The Hills meets Vampires" type of story line, but at this stage I'm beginning to like it.

Sienna reminds me alot of Serena from Gossip Girl, a lot! And I wonder if thats where Alex got the inspiration for the character? You have to admit the names are very similar.

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