Sunday, May 29, 2011

Review: I Wish... - Wren Emerson


I bought this book for my Kindle after a recommendation from a friend, it is currently 69p on Amazon UK and $1.12 on Amazon US for Kindle.
This book is worth way more than that, so all I can say is grab it now before the price changes!!

At first when I saw the book was about witches, and was the first in a series I thought to myself "Here we go with another YA witch series for Kindle that I'm going to get sucked into and spend lots of money on" (I'm sure a few of you will know which series I'm referring to here!!

Anyways, I was completely wrong!

Yes it is a YA witch book, yes it is the first in a series, but it takes more than 30 minutes to read, yay!

I fell in love with this book as soon as I seen the cover! I love the bright colours used in it and the picture of the girl lying in the grass.
It sets the reader up with quite a high expectation, and it does not disappoint!

The story follows Thistle, who has spent her whole life travelling the country in a pink RV with her mother and grandmother. She has learned to do as she's told, be where she's supposed to and not ask too many questions. Although Thistle is full of questions, like who is my dad? Where did we come from? Is there a better life for me?

All of these questions are answered when unexpectedly the family head home to a small town called Desire to care for Thistle's dying great grandmother. Thistle never even knew where she was born, and all of a sudden she has cousins and an aunt and uncle! The twist in the story is that Desire is a town full of witches, and Thistle was taken away as a baby as to protect her as she is the most powerful witch to come along in quite a while.

Thistle tries to lead a normal life and go to high school in a town full of back-stabbing witches who want to take Thistle's position of power.

I really enjoyed this book, and cannot wait to read the second instalment in the series! The book left me dying to find out more of the story and what is going to happen with Thistle now.

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