Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Author Interview: Nicole Peeler

I am so excited to have Nicole Peeler on the blog today!
Nicole is the author of the Jane True series, which aside from having some amazing covers sound like really good reads!
I am ashamed to say I haven't actually managed to read any of the series yet, but I hope to very soon!

Thanks very much for stopping by BelleBooks today Nicole!

What made you venture into writing something in the paranormal/fantasy genre?

Hello, and thanks for having me! As for why I chose this genre, it's what I read and loved when I was young. It felt really natural to try my hand at a genre with which I'd grown up.

Your Jane True series has a lot of different characters in it, witches, vampires and a half mermaid?!
Did you intentionally set out to have so many different types of creatures in the series?

Jane's not actually a half-mermaid, she's half-selkie, which is a seal shapeshifter. The mythology is Scottish, actually, so nice and close to home. And I did intentionally use many different mythologies. The "joke" in my book is that all of our myths are based on reality, but we got things a bit wrong. So my vampires aren't quite "normal" vampires, nor are any of my other creatures.

What is your favourite book in the series so far?

I think it's probably book three. I had a lot of fun writing that book.

How much say do you have in the artwork for the book covers? (Because I love them and think they covers are awesome and so unique!)

Thanks, but authors never have any say over their covers. We just write what's inside. That said, I do love Sharon Tancredi's artwork.

What inspired you to write?

I think it's that I wanted to make people feel the way I do when I'm reading a book I enjoy. It was about telling a story and thrilling an audience.

How long does it generally take for you to finish writing a book?

I'm a pretty fast writer, but a slow plotter. A rough draft takes me anywhere between 2-4 months.

What would you say is the worst part of the writing/editing/publishing process?

Probably the publication! It's always nerve wracking to wait and see what people think about your latest book.

And the best bit?

Probably the letters from fans and the interactions with readers. That's always very enjoyable.

Is there anything you are working on just now?

I'm revising book five, Tempest's Fury, to be handed in very shortly.

Do you have any advice for young authors out there?

My advice is to know your first draft is a rough draft, and to focus on finishing a whole project rather than writing a perfect book on the first go. Rough drafts are supposed to be rough, and it's more important to finish and polish than to spend years on a single chapter.


  1. Great interview and i have to say the books look amazing :)

  2. Always great to read an interview with Nicole. She's an inspiration!

  3. Great interview:) I just finished 'Eye of the Tempest' and it was sooooo Good!
    I'm ready for the next book!

  4. great interview. I have the fist one and the second too i think

  5. Awesome interview, chica. I love that variety of questions you asked. :)


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