Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Paranoia (Witches of Santa Anna #11) - Lauren Barnholdt

Name: Paranoia (Witches of Santa Anna #11)

Author: Lauren Barnholdt

General Release Date: 19th June 20011

Date I finished it: 2nd August 2011

Type: Kindle Book

From: Amazon

My Rating: 4/5 stars

After taking a bit of a break from this series, I recently bought books 11 and 12.
I'm really starting to wonder how long this series is going to be?!

Anyway we are back in our witchy world with the usual suspects, Cam, Nat, Raine and the new girl Hadley.
And usual in this little world, all is not as it should be. Raine has finally been found, and in the least likely place you would think! Nat has been given a strange Ipad looking contraption which allows her to talk to some mysterious girl who seems to know all the answers.
The race is on to find out the truth before either Raine can get her claws into Cam again, or something worse happens!!
Thats all I'm saying without giving too much away!

As usual a super short read, ideal for a short car journey or a light read before bed!

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