Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Vampire Academy The Graphic Novel #1

Name: Vampire Academy The Graphic Novel

Author: Richelle Mead

General Release Date: 25th August 2011

Date I finished it: 27th August 2011

Type: Paperback

From: Amazon

My Rating: 5/5 stars

As I am sure most of you already know, I am a massive Vampire Academy/Richelle Mead fan.
I was so excited when my copy of this graphic novel came in the post, I started reading it right away!

The story follows the same plot as the original Vampire Academy novel, it does leave out a few scenes but all the main parts of the book is in there.
It's like Vampire academy, the condensed version!

The artwork in this book is really good, although I do think the graphics in the Storm Born comics are better.
The characters are pretty much the same as what I imagined them to be in my head when I was reading the book.
It had been a while since I read the Vampire Academy series, especially the first book. So I found this a nice little refresher without having too much information thrown at me.

I'll admit I had to get out my copy of the Vampire Academy novel to remember if this graphic novel covered the whole first book or not. It turns out it does, I honestly don't remember the book being that short, maybe because the last few books in the series were pretty long!

Overall it was a really great graphic novel and I'm glad I bought it, for fans of the series it is a must have. For those who haven't read the series, it gives the same story but a much more condensed version!


  1. I'm so late.. I really need to read this series!

    Tia @ Falling For Books

  2. Mine is at my comic shop waiting for me to pick up! So glad you liked it!

  3. Ha, I can't believe this is a graphic novel. I never knew it existed, but it's such a great idea!


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