Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: With My Last Breath (The Bloodstone Saga #3) - Courtney Cole

Name: With My Last Breath (The Bloodstone Saga #3)

Author: Courtney Cole

General Release Date: 1st September 2011

Date I finished it: 16th August 2011

Type: Kindle book

From: E-ARC from author

My Rating: 5/5 stars

So those of you who have been following me for a while now will probably know that I LOVE this series!
I think I may in fact have a blogger crush on Courtney Cole's characters (and yes I just totally made up the phrase blogger crush!!)

So this is the third book in The Bloodstone Saga, there is no massive re-cap of book two. Which I'm grateful for, I don't really like massive re-caps. Just enough to jog my memory is fine with me! I was quickly reminded of book two ended and how shocked I was at the ending! Thankfully book three picks up right at the scene book two finished!

With My Last Breath finds our leading lady Harmonia in Camelot looking for the sword in the stone in order to save her soul mate and restore Olympus.
I really love how there is a totally different setting in each book of The Bloodstone saga. In book one we were in ancient Egypt, in book two we were in the land of greek gods and in this one Camelot! Where on earth is book four going to be set?!

This time around we see Harmonia facing some pretty massive challenges, not only does she have the mammoth task of finding the sword, but she also faces some real personal challenges as well. Does she tempt fate and risk changing the world as she knows it in order to help a few people in this one, or should she stand by and watch people die to keep the world balanced. She also has so much anger inside her at the fates for what they have put her though all these years, now that she finally knows the truth what should she do about it?

Once again there is a bit of a twist in this book. Even though I've come to expect twists in each book in this series, I still never see it coming! This one came as a complete shock to me! I'm not going to say exactly what happens as I know this book isn't due out for a couple of weeks yet. But lets just saw WOW and leave it at that!

I honestly cannot believe how much research and hard work must have gone into this book.
The reader is thrown straight into Camelot, the descriptions of the buildings, surrounding lands, food and even the clothes are exactly what I would have imagined Camelot to be like. I actually couldn't stop myself thinking of the BBC programme Merlin every time someone was mentioned!

Overall I loved this book. Out of the whole series so far this one is by far my favourite!
I am so excited to see where the next book is going to be set and also to find out how Harmonia's story will end!


  1. I've got to get this series! I love Arthurian tales and retellings. Do you know if it's available on the Sony ereader store?

  2. I've seen this series on Amazon and I've wanted to try it, but was a little afraid - I'm definitely going to try it now. Nice review!


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