Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles #4) - Alyxandra Harvey

Name: Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles #4)

Author: Alyxandra Harvey

General Release Date: 3rd October 2011

Date I finished it: 22nd August 2011

Type: Paperback

From: Review copy from publisher

My Rating: 4/5 stars

I was so excited when this book arrived in the post for me to review from Bloomsbury! I was a latecomer to the Drake Chronicles series, but am actually glad of that now! I don't think I could have waited in between books to find out what was going to happen. I am so lucky to have read the first four books in the space of a week!

Bleeding Hearts is told from Lucy, Connor and Christabel's points of view. Which is a little different this time around, the past 3 books have only been told from two characters points of view. I liked this little change as it was nice to hear from Lucy again, I hadn't read her point of view since way back in book one.

Christabel is Lucy's cousin, who is living with Lucy for the time being. Although Lucy hasn't told her anything about the Drakes or vampires. Instead she lets her cousin think that her parents are just really strict because there are gangs in Violet Hill, so they both have a sunset curfew. Christabel is mistaken for Lucy and kidnapped by the new Hel-Bar leader. Connor Drake who is falling for Christabel goes after her which soon finds them both trapped in an impossible situation and neither of them know if they will survive.

I really enjoyed all the little quirks that Christabel has, especially her passion for reading! She is a really great new addition to the series and I'm looking forward to reading more about her and Connor in the future!
We do see some more of our other favourite couples in this book as well, Lucy and Nicholas, Solange and Kieran, Isabeau and Logan, Hunter and Quinn.

I'm really starting to feel like every single Drake brother is going to fall in love before this series comes to an end, I really cannot wait to see who the rest of the brothers are going to fall for!

The ending of this book left me completely shocked!
Lucy has made a completely life changing decision and Solange leaves the reader on a complete cliff-hanger!
I really cannot believe the book ended like that, I need book 5 pronto!!


  1. Great book review! Sounds like a really good ending too!

    Tia @ Falling For Books

  2. I want to read this book sooo bad!!
    October's soooooooo far:(


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