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Review: Betrayal (Haunting Emma #2) - Lee Nichols

Name: Betrayal (Haunting Emma #2)

Author: Lee Nichols

General Release Date: 5th September 2011

Date I finished it: 17th August 2011

Type: Paperback

From: Review Copy from Publishers

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Betrayal is the second book in the Haunting Emma series by Lee Nichols
Betrayal starts up right where we left Emma in the first book Deception and she is still coming to terms with the loss of two of her close friends. She is confused about her and Bennett's relationship, they both want to be together but can't as they are both ghostkeepers and Bennett will lose his powers. So until they find a way to defeat Neo's they both have to keep their distance and their feelings under control.

The story pretty much centres around finding and getting rid of Neos, who they now know is the one behind all the recent ghostkeeper murders. There are some bumps along the road for the group though and someone has been spilling information to Neos as he always seems to be one step ahead. There is a big mystery aspect to this book, a sort of "who done it" type thing, which I really loved. Betrayal had me guessing at the end of every chapter, I really had no idea what was coming next and I really enjoyed that about the book.

To me, Betrayal was much more action packed and faster paced that Deception was.
I loved the whole forbidden love storyline between Emma and Bennett and I especially loved all the mystery that surrounds almost everything in the book.

I loved the ending so much, I literally could not believe what I had just read, I sat there completely shocked for a good ten minutes before everything finally sunk in! I really cannot wait to get my hands on book three in this series now!

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  1. I loved the relationship between Emma and Bennett to - so awesome! I can't wait for the next book either - it looks like it's gonna be great! :)


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