Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: Huge - Sasha Paley

Name: Huge

Author: Sasha Paley

General Release Date: 2nd June 2008

Date I finished it: 20th July 2011

Type: Book

From: From Library

My Rating: 3/5 stars

Huge follows the stories of two girls, Will and April.
April has been saving all year to afford to come to Wellness Canyon Summer Camp (aka Fat Camp), whereas Will's parents are rich, skinny, beautiful and run their own chain of fitness gyms. They have tried almost everything else to help Will lose weight and this seems like their last resort.
Though Will is happy as she is, and is determined to be the first person to actually put on weight at fat camp!

April and Will end up as room mates, which they both hate.
Then they both end up falling for the same guy at the camp, things go from bad to worse when movie night comes along. After a lot of drama, Will and April vow to get their revenge together.

I have seen the TV show that is based on the book, which is the only reasons I picked this up really. The cover and the blurb doesn't seem like something I would grab when browsing through books.
The story line is simple, easy to follow and straight forward.
The characters are not that well developed in the book, though to me because I have watched the tv show. It was hard not to pictures the characters I've been used to seeing on the screen.
If you have seen the tv show, the book doesn't follow the story line exactly, but it is similar and has the same characters in it.

Overall, I only gave Huge 3 stars and I think this was being a bit generous.
It is a short book that you can read in a day, I think it is more aimed at the 11-14 year old market rather than older teens. If you have seen the tv show, maybe give the book a try. But unless you are really interested in the story, I'd say skip this one.

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